Fan Upgrades

Fan Upgrade
Direct Drive Centrifugal Plug Fan

With the evolution of fan technology over the past 10-15 years, belt driven centrifugal fans have become a thing of the past for HVAC applications. Direct drive plug fans or modular fan wall technology are now standard for new air handling equipment.

Direct-drive plug fans offer the following advantages:

  1. Fewer moving parts, thus less wear and tear
  2. No power transmission losses
  3. Up to 15% more efficient than traditional belt driven fans
  4. Reliability: Fewer points of failure
  5. Maintenance: Reduced maintenance, fewer invasive shutdowns for preventative maintenance tasks.
  6. Belt tensioning & alignment issues are eliminated
  7. Grease points can be tubed to externally mounted, further eliminating shutdown requirements.
  8. Compact: Smaller footprint, space saving design

CES can assess each clients existing air handling equipment on a case by case basis, and advise on the best options available to upgrade & modernise, with a view to improving system reliability and energy performance.

Furthermore, CES can undertake all upgrade works on a turnkey basis to include equipment design, specification & supply, electrical attendances, mechanical installation through to commissioning & handover.

See below typical before & after photos from an upgrade carried out for a multinational blue chip client.

Before: 2 No. Belt driven centrifugal fans within an existing AHU supply fan chamber
After: 2 no. Direct drive plug fans within the AHU supply fan chamber

For any enquiries regarding AHU fan upgrades, specific extract fan upgrades or general HVAC requirements, please contact or contact the office on 021-4297884

Microbial Sampling

As part of our expanding Cleanroom Validation offering , CES can now provide a range of microbial sampling services to include;

  • Active Air samples: viable quantitative and qualitative, non-viable
  • Microbial surfaces: contact and swabs
  • Compressed air monitoring: viable and non-viable, dew points and Hydrocarbon tests

CES utilise the EMTEK P100 microbial air sampler which offers two CPU controlled sampling rates, 28.3 LPM (1 CFM), and 100 LPM, to allow for continuous monitoring of critical processes, or to take quick cubic meter “grab samples”. 

Please contact for any microbial sampling enquiries.