Microbial Sampling

CES are a leading Clean Air Solutions provider in Ireland.  As part of our expanding Cleanroom Validation offering, CES now provide a range of microbial sampling services to include the following;

  • Active Air samples: Viable Quantitative and Qualitative, Non-Viable
  • Microbial Surfaces: Contact and Swabs
  • Compressed Air Monitoring: Viable and Non-Viable, Dew Points and Hydrocarbon tests

CES utilise the EMTEK P100 Microbial Air Sampler which offers two CPU controlled sampling rates, 28.3 LPM (1 CFM), and 100 LPM, to allow for continuous monitoring of critical processes, or to take quick cubic meter “grab samples”. 

Please contact our sales team on sales@cesl.ie or phone the office on 021-4297884 for any specific enquiries