Cleanroom Validation

CES are long established as one of the leading cleanroom validation companies in Ireland. We provide an extensive range of cleanroom validation services with all testing carried out to the highest standard by fully trained and competent engineers. Allof our senior validation engineers are CTCB-I qualified (Cleanroom Testing & Certification Board – Ireland) and have vast experience in cleanroom validation, testing & certification acrossa broad range of pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device facilities

Specific cleanroom validation services include the following

  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Building Management System (BMS) verification
  • Room pressurization setup & verification
  • Fume cupboard testing & certification
  • Non-viable particulate counts
  • BSC testing & certification (Biological Safety Cabinets)
  • Microbial sampling
  • Isolators
  • Air Changes Per Hour (ACPH)
  • Gloveboxes
  • Air volumes
  • Weigh Booth & Downflow Booth testing & certification
  • Filter face velocities
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Filter differential pressures
  • Indoor air quality
  • Temperature verification & mapping
  • LEV testing & certification
  • Humidity verification & mapping
  • Lux levels
  • Airflow visualisation
  • Sound levels
  • Room recovery rates

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