As part of our maintenance and project services, CES have proven ourselves to be a reliable and efficient means of sourcing and procuring spare parts, consumables, replacement parts etc for mechanical systems, HVAC systems&process systems for our clients.We also provide the option of holding equipment and parts in our little island warehouse so clients can optimise their own storeroom shelf space. A sample of equipment/parts supplied is shown below.

    • Air handling equipment
    • Valves
    • Close control Units
    • Instruments (Pressure, temperature, RH, flowmeters, frost stats)
    • HVAC Filters
    • Fans
    • Belts, pulleys,
    • Pumps
    • Motors
    • Variable speed drives

With an ever-changing industry, we will always look to provide the best available technology for any given part/system to ensure the client is given the most reliable and energy efficient solution for his needs. Additionally, we offer a full installation, commissioning and validation service for all parts provided. We have strong relationships with nationwide and international specialist vendors and aim to streamline the procurement process for our clients. Please contact our sales team on or phone the office on 021-4297884 for any specific enquiries